COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots  

Under the guidance of the CDC and the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, in partnership with the LSU Healthcare Network, administers booster doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination on campus. Vaccines will be administered on the 3rd floor of the LSU Healthcare Network Mutispecialty Clinic at 478 South Johnson Street.

If you are 5 months out from your two-dose Pfizer or Moderna series or two months out from your J & J  vaccine and you are age 12 or older, you are eligible to receive a booster. Adults ages 50+ can choose to receive a second booster at least 4 months after their first booster. Anyone over the age of 12 who is immunocompromised may now also receive an additional booster injection. Previously, immunocompromised individuals were eligible for an additional (third) mRNA primary series dose and one booster dose (4 total doses). Now, immunocompromised individuals 12 and up are eligible for a second booster, or a fifth total dose.

Eligible individuals may choose which vaccine they receive as a booster dose, although LSU Health administers only the Pfizer vaccine at this time. Children ages 12 and up are eligible only for the Pfizer booster. Some people may have a preference for the vaccine type that they originally received, and others may prefer to get a different booster. CDC’s recommendations now allow for this type of mix-and-match dosing for booster shots. So if you are eligible for a booster, you may get a Pfizer booster regardless of the type of vaccine you originally received.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment prior to arriving at the vaccine clinic. Clinic hours may vary from week to week, and depending on clinic volume, we may be unable to accommodate any walk-ins. Call Campus Health at 504-412-1995 to schedule an appointment. Our vaccine clinic is open to everyone and is not limited to our campus community.

On the date of your appointment –

  1. Please plan to arrive about 5 minutes prior to your appointment time and follow all health precautions at the site, including wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. 
  2. If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms prior to your appointment, please cancel your appointment. 
  3. You must bring a valid driver’s license and your CDC vaccination card if you are coming for your second dose or booster dose. If you need a replacement CDC card, we will do our best to accommodate on the date of your appointment, but you may need to return at a later date to receive a new card depending on volume.
  4. A consent form must be filled out prior to receiving any dose of the vaccine. Please print your completed consent form and bring with you to expedite the registration process. Click here to access the consent form.
  5. Remember to dress appropriately!  The vaccine will be given in your upper arm.  Please come prepared with loose fitting attire or clothing that will allow you to easily expose your upper arm to receive your COVID-19 vaccine injection.

Reminder – Once you have received your vaccination, we will ask that you sit in the observation area for a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure you do not have any adverse reactions to the vaccine that will require medical attention.  Those with a history of allergic reaction to prior vaccinations or injections will be observed for 30 minutes. 

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, please call our Campus Health Clinic at 504-412-1995 or email