COVID Cleaning Protocol

Disinfection of the Workplace:  If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 and has been on the campus within the past seven days, Deans or Department Heads will immediately contact John Ball, Associate Vice Chancellor for Property and Facilities so that the disinfection process can commence. The Dean or Department Head, or their designated representative, will also ensure that personnel working in the affected area, and adjacent areas which may have been affected (to include those areas under the control of a different department) are immediately notified that an individual has tested positive.  These personnel will be directed to leave the space until disinfection activities are completed.

  1. The Environmental Health and Safety Office will coordinate with the Dean/Department Head, or their designated representative, to determine the areas that will be disinfected.  This will include coordination with different departments in adjacent areas.
  2. The Dean/Department Head will notify Environmental Health and Safety if there are any sensitive areas (e.g., animal holding areas) that should not be fogged or wiped.
  3. Facility Services will post signs stating “Temporarily Closed for COVID-19 Cleaning, Do Not Enter” to indicate the area is closed.
  4. A state-approved emergency building remediation contractor will disinfect the area using a combination of wiping/fogging in accordance with CDC guidance using an EPA approved disinfectant.  The disinfectant used is an EPA registered, N-listed Broad-Spectrum disinfectant, with non-hazardous, botanically derived active ingredients.
  5. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Property and Facilities will notify the Dean/Department Head when the disinfection is complete.
  6. Once the disinfection is complete, occupants must wait two hours before reoccupying the area to ensure efficacy of cleaning.  Plates, utensils and cups that may have been exposed to the fogging should be washed before use.
  7. If individuals return to the disinfected areas and subsequently have a positive COVID PCR or antigen test, the disinfection  process will start over again.