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Digital Signage

Signage Information

LSUHSC-NO has implemented a digital signage system. This system will allow messages to be posted for different Schools and Departments in multiple areas throughout campus. In addition, these signs will be used during emergencies in order to disseminate information more efficiently.


Shown in the image are the current arrangement of the Playlists. From top left and going clockwise are Playlists 1, 2, and 3.


Request for Event Listing

If you would like to have an event or bulletin added, you may request that it be added by sending an email to the appropriate distribution list. The distribution lists are listed below:

Playlist 1: Campus Wide: DS-CampusWide@lsuhsc
Playlist 2: Easels: DS-Easels2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 1: Academic Affairs: DS-AA2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Allied Health Professions: DS-SAH2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Dentistry: DS-SOD2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Graduate Studies: DS-SGS2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Medicine: DS-SOM2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Nursing: DS-SON2012%202:59:05%20PM
Playlist 3: School of Public Health: DS-SPH2012%202:59:05%20PM

Content Approvers and Editors

Templates, training and tutorials are available for those maintaining content on the signs at