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It would depend upon where in Mexico and what you are doing.

Serology doesn’t really help.

The question is whether or not they are going to live together and either have a potential for exposure to a Covid positive individual. They could both get tested in one of our drive-through testing sites if they are interested.

Some patients are being seen now using some modified protocols. We plan to resume screening for new patients in the coming weeks.

The answer to this question involves three separate parts.

First, from the standpoint of self isolation, CDC recommends that one should do this for 14 days after last exposure.

Second, the likelihood of exposure living with a patient diagnosed with COVID-19 depends on how the living situation is set up. If the infected individual is observing strict isolation with minimal contact with other members of the house, that would be the lowest risk. Wearing masks and hand hygiene further reduce the risk. 

Third, the degree to which COVID-19 patients are infectious depends on the patient’s phase of infection. The detection of the virus in infected individuals begins several days after the patient gets the virus. It peaks several days after onset of symptoms and can persist for weeks afterwards. Culturable virus has been demonstrated up to 10 days after symptom onset in older populations. According to CDC, once the COVID-19 patient has tested negative twice, the individual no longer has to isolate.

Therefore, assuming substantial contact with the COVID-19 infected patient, the exposed individual should self isolate for 14 days from the time of last contact or the time that the index patient was demonstrated to be negative.