Emergency Information

uTip (Send a Text to University Police)

As an added measure of security for LSU Health Sciences Center faculty, staff and students, we have activated uTip, a text messaging service allowing you to alert University Police of an emergency. By sending a text message to 79516 (formerly 50911) and beginning your message with LSUHSC followed by a space, you can notify University Police of an emergency situation, just as you would by calling the Emergency University Police Telephone Line.  It is like an SMS text version of 911, but directed to our University Police.

You do not have to subscribe to this service, and you do not have to be registered with our emergency alert system to use uTip. However, your normal text message rate through your cellular provider will apply.

uTip is designed to be used for true emergencies and to report crimes, suspicious activities or people. uTip can help prevent crimes on campus by reporting incidents before they escalate, and it can help provide University Police with real-time information to assist their response.

Of course, to contact University Police with non-emergency information, please call 568-8270, or send an online message.


  1. TEXT 79516 and begin your message with LSUHSC followed by a space 
    • University Police will not be notified If your text does not begin with LSUHSC followed by a space
  2. You will receive a text to notify you that the text has been received by uTip


Sample uTip Message

UTip Sample Image