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As part of the development of our emergency notification system, the LSU Health Sciences Center—New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO) Text Alert System is now available to all faculty, staff, students and external affiliates such as Louisiana Healthcare Network.

Once your cell phone number is registered, you will receive potential alert notifications related to dangerous or threatening situations or conditions (occurring or anticipated) in facilities owned by LSUHSC-NO on the downtown and Dental School academic campuses. Be reminded that the purpose and intent of the LSUHSC-NO Text Alert System is related to any form of identified emergency or threat to our employee population.

Participation is not mandatory, but encouraged. To receive alerts, individuals must opt-in to the system by providing their cell phone or personal email information during registration. There is no fee to subscribe, but users will still have to pay regular text messaging rates through their cellular providers. Text messaging is an important part of our emergency alerting system that is used in conjunction with e-mail, media notifications, web updates, on-campus digital signage, and person-to-person phone trees.

To register for text and email alerts you must have an LSUHSC user ID. If you are on campus and are using Internet Explorer with our proxy server you will automatically be logged in to the system upon clicking Sign Up or Login. Users off campus or using other browsers will first receive a prompt to login.

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